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Embrace the Spirit of Four

Four Traits

The Joint Experience

With the concept of the four traits we wanted to expand the vocabulary between consumer and budtender. What are consumers looking for when they smoke? If everyone could have their ideal or their perfect joint experience what would those traits be? The conclusion was…

1. The Cure

Cannabis flower that has been properly cured should never be rehydrated with a humidity pack and you will never see one in our package. A proper cure means the bud is either sticky or hard and compact. It has a slight crunch to it and when ground up fluctuates between a soft mulch and loose grounds.

2. The Burn

Evident from the earliest puffs of the joint, a white ash should be the lightest shade of gray or almost pure white. It should remain light colored and fluffy during the lifetime of the joint’s burn and the burn should be even with the ash holding to the joint making a longer ash stem. Much like the way a cigar burns.

3. The DryHit

Once rolled, take a DryHit off your joint to experience the true flavour of the flower. A DryHit is simply a toke on the joint when it’s unlit. This test is the way to get the taste of the joint. When you pull on it the terpenes fill your mouth with flavour. The best joints have this flavour from start to finish.

4. The Roo

The ring of oil (ROO), is what you see just under the cherry, or burning part of the joint. This occurs in high testing cannabis and comes from the high concentration of volatilized essential oils.


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